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Pamela Scipioni reviewed Eagle Martial Arts
via Facebook

I was getting so bored with my regular workout. I saw an advertisement for the kickboxing class. At first I was hesitant to give it a try since I haven't done kickboxing in years. I put my fears aside and tried the class. I am really grateful that I took the class. Instructor Kabir is very encouraging and supportive. After taking three classes, I signed up. I always look forward to each class because it's always exciting and different. Also, it's the best workout that I ever had.. I highly recommend EMA and Instructor Kabir.

Brandi O'Toole reviewed Eagle Martial Arts
via Facebook

EMA is a wonderful place. I take the morning kick boxing classes. I've been taking classes for 3 months and can feel a difference in the way my clothes fit. But the best thing beyond losing weight and inches is my self confidence and strength that I have gained! Instructor Kabir has an amazing energy that stays with you even after you leave!

Christina Witmer reviewed Eagle Martial Arts
via Facebook

We originally signed up our 1st grader. He has tried other studios in the past and this is the first he's felt at home. The instructors are patient and really care about their students. After a few weeks of watching our son, our 3 year old daughter was asking to "play". So, they have an amazing starter special to see if your child is interested. We signed her up and she loves it! We have never seen her so focused on an activity! If you want to teach our child to listen and focus on an activity, set goals and stick them out, wear them out, I highly recommend their studio!

Danielle McCollum-Boswell reviewed Eagle Martial Arts
via Facebook

My son has been enrolled since October. He absolutely loves it. The instructors are patient and attentive to all students. They not only care about the student during class but also care about the student outside of class.

Erum Ahmad reviewed Eagle Martial Arts
via Facebook

An excellent program for kids all ages! All the instructors are very enthusiastic, structured, organized and helpful. The best part is their constant uplifting and support, especially at the end of each day when one kid is celebrated as a superstar of the day, the recognition really helps boost child's self esteem and confidence.

Kate Natwick Wing reviewed Eagle Martial Arts
via Facebook

My almost 6 year old son started a few weeks ago and instantly loved it! I couldn’t be more impressed with the instructors, especially Instructor Kabir who is incredibly upbeat, positive and truly uplifting towards everyone. A fun activity that also teaches life values and lessons, can’t beat it!!!

Javonna-Chris Newton reviewed Eagle Martial Arts
via Facebook

The instructors are absolutely amazing!! They interact with each student and it's amazing to see the discipline and focus in class. It's fun and exciting, and an all around positive experience each time our daughter attends class. We've definitely noticed a boost in her self confidence!

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Our latest news & thoughts

How Martial Arts Discipline Helps You in The Real World

Being able to control your reactions, desires, and emotions is one of the most useful traits a person can have. It is a trait that will make things a lot easier for you in your professional and personal life. While most people realize how important it is, only a few people actually look for ways to make themselves more disciplined.

Of course, being a disciplined person is a lot easier said than done. It can be difficult to reach the level of mental control it takes to remain disciplined at all times, but it is something anyone can attain if you constantly work on it.

It is common for people to assume having self-discipline means living a limited lifestyle or being harsh on yourself, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Perhaps, a better word for self-discipline would be self-control since that is what we are really talking about here. Self-discipline does not mean restricting yourself or lifestyle in any way; rather, it is a sign that you are in control of your actions and reactions. It is the ultimate sign of inner strength.

Self-control gives you the power to follow through on your word and decisions without losing motivation along the way. It is a trait that most successful people have in abundance. It gives you the strength to kick bad habits and addictions, avoid procrastinating, and, most importantly, the willingness to persevere when things get tough.

The possession of these traits enables you to persist with your decisions and plans until you eventually accomplish them.

Training martial arts is a good way for adults and children alike to learn self-discipline. It is one of those things that comes naturally with regular training and dedication to a martial art. Of course, martial arts classes teach you many other things besides discipline.

Other benefits of training include:

  • Self-defense skills
  • Improved physical fitness
  • Increased energy
  • New support system
  • Reduced stress


Why does martial arts training make people more disciplined?

Contrary to what you might have seen in action movies, martial arts is not about dominating your opponents with your physical attributes. Rather, these ancient combat styles are all about controlling your opponent using your techniques, perseverance, and physical tools in a controlled manner.

Martial arts is all about defeating your opponent using the best strategy possible. Sometimes, leaning on your physical strength might be the easiest way to victory against some people, while your ability to set traps might be the most effective way for you to overcome other opponents.

The constant need to analyze things and respond to your surroundings, plus the controlled movements involved in martial arts all help improve your self-discipline.

Other aspects of martial arts that build your self-discipline include:

1) Constant training

The only way to progress through the belts in martial arts is through regular training and practice. There are always new techniques, drills, and setups to learn regardless of how advanced your skills become.

Training regularly and intensely requires self-discipline on your part. What makes it easy to stay disciplined during your martial arts journey is the constant growth that comes with regular training. You can literally feel yourself getting better as the weeks go by. That ends up serving as extra motivation to get even better.

Learning martial arts also teaches you to be patient since your growth occurs in baby steps.


2) Clear goals

When you train martial arts with a competent instructor, you will be given clear goals that he/she expects you to accomplish. Do not worry, your instructor has trained other students in the past. You will not be given huge goals that take years to accomplish.

That’s not how it works when you train martial arts.

Instead, your instructor will come up with a series of goals that lead to what you hope to accomplish as a martial artist. You gain a newfound appreciation for the importance of self-discipline as you accomplish each goal, moving a step closer to your main objective.


How self-discipline helps your personal and professional life

Having self-control will pay dividends in your personal and professional life. As children, we all had the luxury of having parents, family members, and teachers constantly fussing over us, reminding us of all the important things we had to do, but once you’re an adult that becomes your responsibility.

Many people have a hard time transitioning into that newfound role when you suddenly become responsible for your actions. That can significantly affect how much success you enjoy later in life. Successful people tend to be the ones who are self-motivated. These are the people who always find a way to show up at work regardless of how tired they are or the student who never fails to submit coursework on time.

Here are some other ways having self-discipline makes life a lot easier:

  • Prevents you from acting impulsively and rashly
  • It makes it easier for you to fulfill promises to others and yourself
  • It helps you overcome laziness
  • It gives you the strength to continue working on things after the excitement has worn off
  • It makes it easier for you to stick with your workout and diet routine
  • It reduces the amount of time you spend on unproductive tasks like watching TV
  • Helps you to overcome addictions
  • Gives you the strength to keep up with coursework in school
  • Helps you to stay on top of your responsibilities at work
  • Makes it easier for you to constantly work on improving yourself
  • Makes you a more dependable friend and employee

These are just some of the numerous benefits of having self-control. It is never too late to learn self-discipline and start reaping its rewards immediately.